Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Federated identity and Security – Video

Bill Poole recently gave a presentation on Federated Identity at the Perth .Net User Group. His slides are available on his blog post regarding the session. His video available here:

Bill Poole presenting Federated Identity : MP4 Videos (6x~10min.)

At the start of the video the sound is poor due to the distance away from the presenter and the background noise. I move the camera a few minutes in which makes it better.


Unknown said...

Have you though of putting these up in a central place like stackoverflow.comm or probably beter InfoQ, as they are looking for contributors.

Lee Campbell said...

Are you trying to say that those sites are more popular than this blog? ;-)

I will look into it.

Thomas Rischbeck said...

the download link does not work any more -- any alternative location to get at this video?

Lee Campbell said...

Sorry about the link Tri, I have split the video into 6x10 min sections (which works great for the presentation). Each video is about 45MB and is MP4 format. The link now points to a skydrive folder that hopefully wont change!