Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The definitive list of Rx sites

Over at the Rx forums, Eamon_OTuathail has created what seems to be the list of Rx sites. It is a list of Blogs and open source projects.
Great stuff. This should save a lot of time for a lot of people.
Humbled to make the grade.

EDIT: Hopefully www.IntroToRx.com will also make the grade. It is the online book that evolved from the blog series.


Unknown said...

Well-deserved. Your posts here and on Stackoverflow are very well-written and clear. It's apparent that you have an intuitive understanding of this subject.

If I could make a suggestion, more than once I wanted to find your resume and discovered it was unavailable. You might consider posting it or some form of contact information so hiring managers can at least ask you for it. Hint, hint.

Lee Campbell said...

I am currently working really hard to get a heavily revised version of these blog posts into an online/kindle book. I hope you like it when it comes out.

With regards to personal contact, feel free to email me lee.ryan.campbell at gmail d0t com.

If I dont fit the bill I know some other guys who are less vocal but at least as good as I am at Rx.

Unknown said...

Hi Lee! are you on Twitter or Facebook? I would like to contact you in order to know a most complex case of binding to an interface property in XAML.

I saw your post and added the (local:IInterface.Property). It worked like a charm, but that is in case you want to bind a property. What would you do if you have want to bind propery of an object that is, in turn a reference to an interface with its own properties?

I mean:
class Object{
public ISomeProperty SomeProperty {....}

If the object in the data context is an instance of Object, how to bind to object.SomeProperty.ChildProperty?

Thanks a lot, in advance!

Lee Campbell said...

You can get hold of me on lee dot ryan dot campbell at gmail dot com.
Happy to help.