Thursday, June 21, 2012

Introduction to Rx online book is available

I am super excited to announce that the book I have been working on is now live at

I have been working hard over the last 6 months taking the content from the blogs and giving it a good coat of paint to make it a little more professional than my "thought bombs" that I put up on the blog. This is the main reason why this blog has been quiet for the first half of the year. The content from the blog series is 9 chapters/posts, the book however is 17 chapters and has some extra pre/post content too. I cover more (almost all) Rx operators, show you how to think in a functional way to really get Rx working for you, provide more examples and give guidance of best practices.

I still have some small updates from my editor to make, and then I will submit it to Amazon. This means that you should be able to get the offline version straight to your kindle. The book will be free, the website is too, obviously. The content in both is exactly the same so don't feel like there may be little hidden gems that are in one and not the other.

I have already been getting good feedback from the small group that have seen it pre-release, so I hope you find value it too.


Anonymous said...

Could you share this document as pdf?

Lee Campbell said...

I hope too soon. I was mainly working on getting the content complete. Toady it is now available on Amazon for Kindle. Apologies for the 99c/77p price tag, it was the lowest price they would let me put it up for while keeping the content non-exclusive.